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AM Group Exteriors

AM Group Exteriors: A Brand Revamped

a birds-eye view of a house with workers giving a new roof

AM Group of Companies, founded in 1956, is a third-generation family-owned home exteriors service provider. AM Group approached GIANT Creative with a need for a strategic shift to enhance their brand presence and reach a broader, more qualified customer base in Ontario.


AM Group sought to modernize its brand and expand its reach across Ontario. The main challenges included:

  • A complete rebrand was required due to the fragmented branding with multiple logos across divisions.
  • Absence of defined customer personas hindered effective messaging and audience engagement.
  • There was a digital disconnect with their audience – outdated websites and social media presence limited online visibility and lead generation.
  • Seasonal fluctuations and lack of targeted marketing resulted in declining lead volume.
  • Inability to reach a broader, qualified customer base capped expansion potential.
a collage of AMGroup Exterior branded materals
a collage of AMGroup Exterior branded materals


Transforming AM Group

GIANT undertook the task of transforming AM Group’s branding and customer outreach strategy.

Market Research icon

Marketing Research

In-depth analysis of targeted variables such as age, gender, income level, geo-location, education, behaviours and psychographics to understand the market better.

Creative Strategy icon

Creative Strategy

Development of a new brand image and communication strategy that resonates with AM Group’s diverse customer personas.

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Implementation of a comprehensive digital paid strategy, including PPC, SEM, and programmatic advertising within a 50-mile radius of five locations in Ontario.

Ad Development icon

Ad Development

Utilization of a variety of ad formats, including static images, animations, and videos, across Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

An AMGroup Exterior empoyee fixing a window while sitting on a roof
the back of a AMGroup Exterior employee wearing a company sweater
two employees of AMGROUP Exteriors removing shingles off a roof


The campaign led to GIANT outcomes

AM Group of Companies was repositioned to AM Group Exteriors to encompass all divisions under the brand ethos. Remarkable success was achieved across key metrics. The campaign achieved a remarkable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 15-1, which is 300% above the industry average of 5-1. The campaign’s Cost Per Lead was 30% below industry norm, signalling higher ad efficiency in acquiring leads. The campaign reached 500K+ targeted audience, showcasing its wide reach and impact on specific segments. Last but not least, the campaign’s Cost Per Click was 20% under industry average, marking its cost-effectiveness in driving ad traffic.


Return on Ad Spend


ROAS above the industry average


targeted audience reached


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