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Optimizing Content and Reaching Diverse Audiences



The YMCA grappled with a decline in membership during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic. Their previous efforts, involving multiple agencies, resulted in rising costs and inconsistent messaging.

The primary obstacles included:

  • Tight budget constraints
  • The need for precise and impactful content
  • The desire for a unified brand message

Audience Segments:

  • The Child: Targeting the age group of 3-12 years
  • The Solo: Tailored for individuals aged 20-30 years
  • The Family (primarily the mom): Focused on the age bracket of 40-45 years
  • The Lifer: Engaging those aged 55 and above


In response to the diverse needs of the YMCA’s audience, we devised a comprehensive content strategy:

Tailored Ads

We created four distinct 60-second ad spots, each catering to a primary customer segment. To enhance targeting, we also crafted 30, 15, and 6-second versions of each primary ad for A/B testing.

Static Ad Series

For each audience segment, we developed a series of static ads. These ads played a dual role in organic social campaigns and seamlessly integrated into the YMCA’s digital media placements.

COPE - Create Once, Post Everywhere

This approach allowed us to generate a wide range of content while ensuring consistency. A total of 32 variations of video content, paired with 32 static ad designs, ensured our messaging remained fresh and appealing across various platforms.

Our comprehensive content suite included:

  • Mash-up Commercial
  • 2x 60-second commercials (Formats: 16:9 x 9:16)
  • 2x 30-second commercials (Formats: 16:9 x 9:16)
  • Bumper ads (without audio)
  • 32 static ad designs (Formats: 1×1, 9:16, and 5:4)
  • Branch posters, digital posters, email banners, FB covers, mobile billboards, retractable banners, skyscrapers, social media ads, and web banners.
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By implementing the COPE methodology, GIANT reduced production expenses by over 30%, allowing the YMCA to redirect funds towards media buy. This led to an additional 300,000 impressions, improving the YMCA’s outreach. The organization benefited not only financially but also from tailored and consistent communication of their enhanced membership offerings to their segmented audience.

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