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McDonald’s Canada

Promoting Gender Equity in the Franchise

a employee taking a customers order at the counter of a McDonalds restaurant


Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: McDonald's Canada's Journey to Revitalize Franchise Recruitment and Modernize Customer Targeting

  • McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited owns and operates more than 1,400 restaurants and employs more than 90,000 Canadians coast-to-coast, serving 2.5 million Canadians every day.
  • Their primary challenge was one of gender demographics. Despite significant resource allocation, McDonald’s Canada struggled to connect and engage with female entrepreneurs interested in becoming a McDonald’s Canada franchisee.
  • Our secondary challenge came after carefully auditing their current franchise collateral and messaging. We discovered that their buyer personas and customer targeting were outdated and, in some cases, non-existent.
3 female and 2 male McDonalds Franchise owners
3 female McDonalds Franchise owners


After completing secondary market research to inform our digital lead generation strategy through sophisticated buyer persona development, we directed the creative and delivery of our ads to the targeted group of users who were most fitting to be future franchisees and most likely to fill out an application. To ensure control of the entire customer journey from ad-click to form submission, GIANT also developed a highly-targeted lead generation campaign to drive our ads to dedicated landing pages. This was a first for McDonald’s Canada.

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Market Research

The GIANT team looked at targeted variables in our research, including age, gender, income level, geo-location, level of education, and new Canadian status.

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Creative Strategy

We leveraged the power of video to spotlight successful female McDonald’s franchisees to inspire our target audience. The data helped us shape our message, tone, and call to actions.

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Landing Page

We controlled the customer journey, from ad-click to form submission, with dedicated landing pages to leverage our content strategy and targeted messaging.

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Video Production

GIANT’s video production team lined up 8 McDonald’s franchisees to showcase their unique franchisee experience through dynamic storytelling.

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Ad Development

Capturing high-resolution stills from our video production shoots, we ensured uniformity across dynamic and static ads.

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Armed with targeting data and sophisticated creative, we achieved higher conversions and an improved user experience resulting in higher-quality leads.

laptop on a desk with books and a mug looking at the McDonalds Franchise landing page
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a man on his phone filling out a form to Join the McDonald's Franchise System
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Working with GIANT Creative was an eye-opening experience. Their ability to identify and engage a specific target audience led to exceptional results, far exceeding our expectations. The insightful content and strategic use of digital platforms brought a new level of sophistication to our franchise recruitment efforts.

Their comprehensive strategy, which combined engaging video content with effective digital marketing techniques, was pivotal in attracting a new wave of female entrepreneurs to our brand. The overwhelming success of this campaign has been a major milestone for us.

Christine Hofmann
Franchising Recruiter



Remarkable success was achieved across key metrics. The Cost Per MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) was just $2.69, which is 949% above industry standards, showcasing cost-efficiency in lead generation. The Click Through Rate (CTR) stood at 4.72%, exceeding industry norms by 525%, demonstrating effective audience engagement. Additionally, a Conversion Rate of 12.14% surpassed industry standards by 132%, signifying successful lead conversion. In contrast, the Cost Per SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) was below the industry standard, further highlighting the campaign’s overall excellence in lead generation, engagement, and conversion, boding well for McDonald’s marketing endeavours.


Cost Per MQL Lead – 949% below industry standard


Click Through Rate – 525% above industry standard


Conversion Rate – 132% above industry standard


Cost Per SQL – 357% below industry standard

Sara D, a McDonalds Franchise owner sitting in the lobby of a McDonalds
a McDonald's Franchise owner named Deborah Feaver sitting down with the text Make a Difference Own a McDonald's
a phone display Instagram stories for McDonalds Canada

The increase in quality leads and conversion rates is a clear indicator of the campaign’s success. GIANT Creative has set a new bar for excellence in digital marketing within the franchise industry.

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